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A webapp skeleton with Rust, Rocket, and Diesel

11 minute read Published: 2018-09-17

This is a condensed walkthrough of building a skeleton Rust web app using Rocket, Diesel and PostgreSQL heavily based on a more thorough series of blog posts called "Making a simple blog with Rust" and updated to incorporate the recent API changes as well as using a different database schema and a few extra tools.

Getting involved in open source

3 minute read Published: 2017-07-27

I've been asked about getting involved in open source projects a couple of times before, so I decided to write up all the advice on this topic I have.

Not that long ago I too was having problems finding a project and sending my first PR. So here's how I would approach it today.

Ballast, a library for talking to Shipwire

3 minute read Published: 2017-01-17

After finishing the wonderful Haskellbook, the first "real world" project I've started writing is a Haskell API wrapper for Shipwire called Ballast. While doing that, I was following the general architecture of dmjio's Stripe API wrapper. In this post I will try to describe an overview of how both the stripe library and Ballast are built.

Fixing bold font colors in termite

1 minute read Published: 2016-02-29

Recently I've switched to termite from suckless st. Mostly because of the problem I was having with the glyph rendering in st. I still like st more than urxvt, but I decided it's time to look for something better.

Installing Arch Linux on a MacBook Air 2013

4 minute read Published: 2016-02-23

Why? In short: because it's fun. On a more serious note, because it allows me to use xmonad, tweak it and learn more Haskell. Especially now that I've got the wonderful Haskellbook to help me. I also would like to learn more about Linux and improve my understanding of how it works.