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Fixing bold font colors in termite

1 minute read Published: 2016-02-29

Recently I've switched to termite from suckless st. Mostly because of the problem I was having with the glyph rendering in st. I still like st more than urxvt, but I decided it's time to look for something better.

However, as it turns out, there is a problem with how the bold font colors get shown in termite.

The solution

First, you'll need to get termite's source code. Go to the github page and follow the steps to clone the repository and cd into it.

Now you need to edit the termite.terminfo file.

You should replace the following lines:


with these lines:


After saving and exiting the file, you should run this command to compile the terminfo:

tic -x termite.terminfo

After that, run make && make install.

That's it, the bold fonts should have proper colors now!

Please note, that this solution might not be the most appropriate one. It's more of a temporary workaround.